Wedding Belles

Wedding Belles video and photography by Go Take Films is the perfect way to capture the magic, joy and celebration of your special day. With Wedding Belles video and photography, you get to choose the style that you feel most reflects who you are as a couple, whether this be fun loving and casual, or perhaps a little more romantic and subtle. With our individually tailored packages, you’ll have the perfect memento of this beautiful and once-in-a-lifetime experience to treasure long after the flowers have wilted and the day is but a memory.


Videography and photography continue to be one of the most important services of your wedding day. Of all the services available on your wedding day, only your videographer and photographer provide customer service over the day in its entirety, spending hours with you, your family and friends, as your magical day unfolds. It is this connection that allows the enduring quality of excellence in video and photography to be the hallmark of your treasured DVD and wedding photo album. Where flowers dry out, the dress is worn but once and the menu choices soon forgotten, it is the memories captured in film and stills photography that stay with you forever.